Friday, June 8, 2012

Im almost back...

Hello blogger!

I miss you! Sorry I have been so busy for the past years, I didn't have the time to drop by and say a few words. But all of that will change soon since I will be completely free by June 23, 2012 after my board report presentation.
To prove that I have been very busy lately here is my latest picture with a HUGE pimple on my chin:

Love - ccraZEness

Monday, September 20, 2010

Its been a while

Didn't I say on my first entry..that this was my nth blog..I cant seem to keep up!
BUt I always get inspired whenever I get to read people's blog whether about fashion, life or
anything under the sun. Its just amazing how they play words and get across their stories.

Actually I should be number crunching right now but I just don't have the drive to do it though I know
I really need to. I know I am capable to achieve a lot of things (yes we all are) but sometimes laziness gets
on the way. DO you often feel the same way too? me I am always guilty. I am such an ambitious person but
I often fails in executing my goals. It sucks being an ordinary person! You cant really achieve something if you don't work hard for it. BUt they say things in life are much more appreciated if you work hard for it. But isn't it nice to get freebies once in a while.

I dont see the point in this blog entry, mi ideas are kind of all over the place and wait this is supposed to be fashion
blog but I don't have pictures taken recently, school and work had gotten in the way of my fashionista side though once in
a while I make an effort to "effortlessly" dress up for class.

I promise when everything ordinary and boring will be over (i mean class) ill post more entries.
As for now here's a picture that I edited with Picasa. I always wanted this kind of pictures, I know you could do this with photoshop (well you can pretty much do everything with photoshop).

Its nice to write! I should do this more often

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cheers to my New CAM

Yey finally finally finally:
I got myself a new advanced compact.I have been drooling over this for months.
I initially wanted a Leica but its way over my budget but i researched enough and found that the lumix has leia lens and see it also has the vinatage feel that Im looking for and lastly it was on SALE!! woohoo..i think we were meant to be..


-this shot is from my blackberry so its kinda blurry-

My friend and I took it for a test drive to discover its feature...
went to lakeshore/harbourview:

CN Tower in all its tallness

cute sculpture...


the best hangout place that we discovered...right in the heart of the city!
my friend Reina and I using the self-timer...

we had dinner at PickleBarrel--we were so tired from all the walking:
Photobucket -Reina's barbeque heaven

my sirloin steak!yum!

and ofcourse I had to post pictures of my outfit:


Oxford shoes: Urban outfitters - my friend shoes is from Aldo.

Lately I have been falling in love with oxford shoes...its manly to look at but it gives a certain spunk to an outfit...there are great oxford shoes in uban outfitters and zara that are relatively cheaper compared to feragamo.

This is it for now..i think i wont be blogging for the rest of the month...a lot of exams and too busy with work.

Spring Awakening


Hi! Im back..I had an extra time in my hands and decided why make one or two entries for my blog...its been a while...

Its spring and its my first! i love it...i am from the tropics so I only experience sunny or rainy season but the majority of it is the former.
This shot is taken from the botanical gardens in Niagra! the tulips are so pretty...and that is an understatement...

see how pretty they are:-)

-though it feels like it was cold that day..i braved the cold and wore shorts.

denim shorts with black tights are my favorite thesed= days and I just saw a picture wearing it and her outfit was FTW!!!

and ofcourse the never tiring jump shots....

anyways for my outfit:
denim cut offs: forever 21
plaid shirt: Garage
tights: Urban outfitters
oxford shoes: Urban outfitters
vest: Zara
scarf: Airee

Happy that the good old warm weather is back!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009 -Cheers to 2010

What would your perfect day look like?

just being useless: like watching good series:-)

Ask me anything

Hi I just registered for formspringme...see i am a slave of this "social networking" sites. Well Im making the most of my time since I still have around a week to just lie around and be useless. I officially start my life(my accountant life) this coming January 11, CMA classes on the weekends and volunteer workshop for the Revenue Agency. Yeah I know, Grown-up stuff right! Well in one way or another we had to grow and do the jobs that pay. Anyways I am psyched to start with my busy grown up life yet I would totally miss hanging out in the web giving HYPES to my lookbook idols and Chictopia friends, stalking friends at Facebook, catching up series at Sidereel, reposting stuff at Tumblr and catching the latest scoop from celebrities to friends in Twitter.:-(aaahhh I hope everything that I mentioned pays an hourly rate, I bet I'll be a billionare!

Anywayz Im not loading up outfits I wore! just pictures on how I/we spend our new year drinking up martini and jumping at Dundas Square.(pardon the quality of the pic, I just copied this in Facebook because Im too lazy to get my USB, but those are SLR pics though)

martini wd fresh cherries..yummy...

yes I realized I do heart fresh cherries and when you dipped it in a martini and maybe leave it in there for about 10 minutes, the martini is so much sweeter and smoother to drink.

see I love these cherries!

CHEERS for 2010!

gulp gulp gulp


Well after we had an early media noche(new years eve dinner) we went straight to Downtown Toronto for the countdown..but unfortunately it was too cold and worst it was raining so we just stayed there for an hour and just went back home where we eat again and waited for 2010.:-)

my picture jumping like crazy in Dundas Square--i actually captioned this: ASTROgirl to the rescue...yes my winterboots is hot pink and I saw a girl wearing one of this and she was actually around 5 years

To end it up: My New Year Celebration was Wholesome. Spend time with my family eating good food and drinking Good wine:-)2009 was a good year for us, and Im hoping 2010 I know and claim will be a GREAT year for us!
Thank you so much for following my blog and thank you for letting me in your life. I hope that we will spend more new years to come.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Lacey Curly Bday!

Hi to the one who reads this! Its my birthday:-)THANKS for greeting me, by reading my blog. Revealing my age? Fat chance..well Im not a believer in numbers.:-)

I received a lot of blessings this year. Being here in Toronto with my family is one and just recently, I got a Job in my field*yes im an accountant*-not a boring one though.

I had my celebration last night together with our christmas get together of family friends. Here's what i wore:


shoes by ALDO
top by Urban Behavior
skirt by Siren
tights by CostaBlanca
camisole by CostaBlana
accessories by: Forever 21

now another one:


and here are pictures of me: caught in the act!

lobster massacre...

hhmmm oyster!

and that concludes my bday celebration:-)


Me smiling and thankful for another year that God has given me:-)

and always take note that: being Thankful to everyone that matters is always FASHIONABLE!


Monday, December 21, 2009

This is the Season

What does this season mean to you???

Christmas is always a happy season for me..Winter break, parties, gifts, my birthday(on the 28th), and then party again..With parties is the dressing up part and that I absolutely love about this season!

I went to a party last weekend to a family friend and needless to say I was excited because I had to wear a green knitted dress i bought way before w/c I am clueless where and when to wear---its a bright green dress from H&M and really the first reaction of my sister when she first saw it was "OH its so green! you'll look like a tree."


do you think its too green? haha well I had always love the color green. I had a green gap bag before, green tees but a WHOLE green dress I never wore one. so the green dress was pretty kept in my locker not until last week end.

So I had to think of ways to tone down the I decided to put on my brown faux leather jacket, brown tights and my favorite pair of shoes these days: my slouch cowboy boots.


anyways going back to what this season really means to me: it means being happy
that we are alive because JESUS our Lord and savior is born in order to die for our sins!
so Cheers to christmas!

xoxo...Merry Christmas!